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Planning a short break in Cheltenham? Hotel or Bed and Breakfast?

Alice Guest House B&B Cheltenham
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Log Cabins at Alice Guest House B&B in Cheltenham

Before you rush out to book a hotel, why not consider a bed and breakfast? Bed and breakfast type accommodation (frequently shortened to B&B) is usually a smaller establishment, often family run and owned, that provides quality, comfort and more of a personalised service. In fact, many travellers prefer B&B's to hotels, due to friendly service and homely environment. B&B's have evolved over the years to offer good facilities and clean well kept rooms, making them great value for money.

A few reasons to choose a B&B:

1. Cheaper Prices
Bed and breakfast accommodation in England often comes in cheaper than hotels and larger establishments. In the past B&B's have generally been seen as the budget option but over the years B&B's have increased significantly and standards have been raised to that of hotels or higher, providing excellent value for money. Nowadays, many more bed and breakfast establishments have sprung up, especially in and around the city centres and at beach resorts due to the influx of visitors to these areas.

2. Breakfast Options
Since a bed and breakfast is a smaller establishment, food is usually cooked to order so you can be sure that your breakfast will fresh and not been sitting in an oven or food warmer (designed for large numbers of guests) for a long time. Need a gluten free breakfast? Most b&b's will adapt a breakfast to meet your dietary needs if notified in advance, something you don't get from many hotels. Also, if you can't make it for breakfast, many B&B's offer a takeaway breakfast for those on the go.

3. Free Amenities & Extra's
How many times have you stayed at a hotel to find that Wi-Fi comes at an extra charge? No doubt, you will find that most B&B's include this in the room price so no extra hidden costs for what is now a basic necessity in this day and age, especially for working people on the move.

Didn't bring your iron or bottle opener?
At a B&B, owners are usually only too happy to lend these items for free. Since the bed and breakfast accommodation is usually their home also, many of these small necessities can be borrowed free of charge.

Need to know how far it is or how to get to your destination?
Many bed and breakfast owners are local people who can provide you with useful information you may need to know about the local area since they live there. Not only that, they will usually be happy to recommend good restaurants, pubs and places of interest.

4. Themed Experience
Rather than being the bog standard hotel room, many B&B's provide individually decorated or themed rooms with attention to detail so you can really feel like you have escaped to another place. Alice Guest House B&B in Cheltenham offers themed rooms in several styles including traditional, Moroccan, Kenyan and Kath Kidston style amongst others.

The service at a bed and breakfast can exceed many people's expectations, not just providing a bed for the night but with a truly personalised service, providing those little extra things that make all the difference. Since many B&B owners regard people as guests and not just customers, you won't just be a room number! So whether you are a solo traveller or staying as a group, a B&B can make an excellent choice.

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